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Nursery & Garden Center

Anyone who has passed by our Pennsylvania florist shoppe and nursery but has never had the opportunity to stop in, may be a little deceived. What can't be seen from the road is our 10 acres of wall-to-wall nursery stock and 38 greenhouses packed with numerous varieties of common and ornamental plants.

 We have an enormous variety of plants and flowers to meet all your landscaping needs; from topiaries (poodles, pom-poms, spirals) and specimens grafted on standards, to more common shrubs such as boxwoods, cypress, azaleas, rhododendrons…. and this list carries on.


Plants that finish a life cycle every year. They add excellent seasonal color to garden beds, containers, and window boxes.



Plants that return after seasonal die back every year. Plant various varieties to have multi-season color. Perfect for beds, borders, mass plantings, and containers.


Plants that lose their leaves in the fall/winter. Both trees and shrubs can be deciduous. Wide variety of uses.



Plants that keep their leaves all year round. Broadleaf and conifer trees and shrubs are commonly used as screens, specimen, and border plantings.


Fertilizer, pest management for both insect and animals, plant food, gardening tools, potting soils, landscaping supplies, and more!



Mulch, soil, and compost in bulk and bags. Delivery and pick-up available. 

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