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Mulches & Soils
We carry both bag and bulk mulches & soils

Current Bulk:

  • Black Mulch (dyed)

  • Brown Mulch (non-dyed)

  • Leaf Compost

  • Top Soil (screened)

  • Fill Soil

  • Wood Chips

Current Bags:

  • Black and Brown Mulch (dyed and non)

  • Potting Soil

  • Compost

  • Soil Amenders

  • Pine Nuggets

  • Top Soil


We provide delivery of bulk mulches, soils, bags, and plants. Delivery fee varies by location. Four scoop minimum for bulk and 10 bag minimum for bag goods. Six or more scoop will have reduced delivery fee. Scoop equal to just under one cubic yard. Call or stop in to schedule.



You can also pick-up bag and bulk mulches & soils in your own truck or trailer. Please call ahead to make sure we have a loader available. Our staff is happy to help load bag goods and provide trunk liners to protect  your car.


Call or stop in today

For more information please call 610-847-8146 or stop in during store ours. We are happy to help!

Supplies fluctuates throughout the season, call ahead if you are looking for large bag quantities.

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