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Arborvitae (Assorted)-
Autumn Olive
Azalea's (Semi Evergreen Exbury)
Boxwood Assorted
Cedars Assorted
Cherry Laurel (Skip & Otto Luyken)
Cotoneaster (Coral Beauty & Cranberry)
Cryptomeria (Black Dragon & Sekkan Sugi)
Cypress Assorted
Euonymus (Assorted Varieties)-
Fir Trees
Helleborous (Lenten Rose)- PER. EVERGREEN

Junipers-Assorted (Shrub & upright)
Liriope (Perennial/Assorted)
Mountain Laurel (Assorted)
Oregon Grape Shrub (Mahonia)
Pieris Japonica (Assorted)
Pines Assorted (Tree & Shrub)
Privet-D (California) Golden Vicary(Semi Evergreen)
Rhododendron (Assorted)
Spruce Trees (Assorted)
Viburnum  (Leather-leaf and Allegheny are semi-evergreen)
Yucca (Green & Gold)

*We also have a large assortment of Topiaries (Spirals, Poodles, Pom-Poms & Grafted Trees)

*In addition we also carry many weeping varieties of certain plants & large specimens out in our fields.

*We also have a large selection of Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, & Tropical’s. We also carry Vegetable Plants & Ground covers. 

Trees and Shrubs that keep their leaves all year round.
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